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Jan. 29th, 2006


(no subject)

Dear Frog_house!
I want to apologize because of my damn bad english i wrote absolutely stupid comment (from westbam_girl) to your last post. I am sorry as i misunderstood what you wrote about...

sorry once again...

next time i`m gonna be more attentive to what i comment...

(no subject)

OMG!!! not tooo many updates for the past few months))) frankly speaking i`ve got too much work.. or i just think that all my troubles are becase of lack of time and all because of work))) but i miss english and decided to post smthng here...

my news:
#1: in march i am going to Berlin to represent our company on a travel exhibition (BTI)))))
#2: one week later i have the most important exams in my life - graduating exams
#3: in june i have the diploma
#4: in a few months (about 5 months) and hopefully everything is gonna be successful and i`m gonna be free of my university!!!!!!!!!

my wishlist:
1. spring and summer - damn, all people are so tired of cold weather and everybody are missing the sun and warm evenings and light clothes and all that stuff...
2. new phone - after one months of repairing my moto and finally returning it to the shop i`m thinking of nokia again))) stop me!))
3. finally, new DJ Cruz podcast - yes, i am looking forward for it, my iPod is missing for a brand new massive house tunes)))
4. i want to WEAR my RED BOOTS i brought from london, not to wait for warm and dry weather outside)))
5. i want to love somebody
6. i want to buy all items from new Women`secret collection - oh yes i am a bit crazy about this)))
7. i want to have a journey after graduating - some crazy trip with cool days and hot nights something we had in gouna - when it is cold and boring here i definitely remember those hot days and nights - what can i do it was great

thats about all for the moment))
if anybody will read this post - thank you and have fun!))))

Jan. 4th, 2006


somethin` new in new year

OMG!!! First of all:

now about what`s on in my life...
actually nothin new: i`m still smoking a lot, sometimes drinking tequila and spending money in Women`s secret))) my sister says i should celebrate my birthday in that shop... mmmm... i`ll think about it!))
working a lot and passing my last winter session (oh i am so sad about one exam i failed(( this is my last year and i`ll try to do my best!!

oh yes, i downloaded the best music i ever heard in my life i want to listen to the music every minute non-stop

my brand new phone is broken - it doesn`t even switch on so tomorrow i`m going to the service center (let`s pray)

i miss my friends ssooo much as usually. i want to see them all... all together...

ok, this new style of my LJ is tooo sweeet but i think it is not so bad... at least something new and fresh - what else i could do in the beginning of a brand new new year))


Dec. 4th, 2005


a photo report>>summervacation`05>>gouna>>alexandria>>sea>>sun>>fun

26,83 КБ32,29 КБ23,09 КБ26,44 КБ18,72 КБ19,23 КБ35,94 КБ33,79 КБ11,70 КБ11,52 КБ
34,45 КБ

few moments from my summer-life)

Dec. 3rd, 2005


back from london...

well here i am... was so afraid not to get my visa but))) now i SAW London, i was there. we spent one week with a perfect weather, lots of funny moments, shopping, drinking, dining, seghtseeing, having fun and clubbing...
a little bit of my impressions of london:

15,71 КБ 22,44 КБ 65,01 КБ 61,09 КБ 16,66 КБ 22,09 КБ 57,49 КБ 76,13 КБ 61,31 КБ 47,21 КБ

just a small part of all i saw there it was amazing week...

oh i brought wonderful red boots, thank you london))

Nov. 8th, 2005


the X-day

tomorrow is X-day for me: i have an interview in a British Council... Oh God, please don`t leave me!))
wish me good luck - that is the last restriction on my way to london))) the flight is on the 13th and we still have no visa((

we`ll see)) time will show but still i`m nervous... and at the same time i feel calm)) i mean i think i`ll not be upset if don`t get it))

don`t know

Oct. 18th, 2005


(no subject)

damn... so fucking sad... tired to be alone... some people are waiting for some other people... i know it is so stupid when moments like this are coming... you live your normal life, work, study, make shopping, go for a walk, listen to the music and suddenly you realize you are so damn lonely... hate these moments...

yesterday one of our puppies died but i was so fucked up and tired went to sleep earlier and missed everything... i knew about it only this evening(( he was ill and it is a miracle he stayed alive for whole three weeks but still...

Oct. 9th, 2005


(no subject)

a little bit of pics after such a long silence and hard working days)

i like it

just a movement...

sun is shining...

stupid games)

in november i`m going to london!!! HUURRRAAAYYYY!!!

Aug. 25th, 2005


(no subject)

So on the 2nd of september i`m going to St.Petersburg to represent our "wonder" hotel)))
just for one day but i feel the "load of responsibility")))) i even decided to buy a brand-new suit!!
we`ll see...

Aug. 20th, 2005


(no subject)

You Belong in New York City

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so what the hell am i doing here??)) joking... of course there are too many girls like me)))


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